Specialized Collaborative Care

Our dedication to your child's dental care comes shining through when we start your child's dental journey at an early age.  We are focused on education, prevention, gentle, and conservative dental care.  With over 35 years of combined experience, our pediatric dentists work hard and plan intelligently to keep children safe, and parents worry-free between routine dental visits.

We are uniquely positioned to provide intelligent, collaborative, comprehensive, and convenient dental care like no other facility!  We are located in the hartland+lee, a building dedicated to excellence in dental care.  The building has offices of three other independently owned and operated dental practices specializing in orthodontics, oral surgery, and general dentistry.  As pediatric dentists, we are often required to work with a team of specialists and our unique location allows us to do just that.

When needed, we have the option to collaborate with an ambulatory surgery center to render dental care under general anesthesia.  For children with craniofacial differences, the Craniofacial Program at Inova Children's Hospital provides comprehensive, family-centered care.  Dr. Banaji is a part of the team consisting of several medical and dental specialists.