Specialized Collaborative Care

Our dental practice is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive, and convenient dental care like no other facility! Our location in a building dedicated to excellence in dental care along with other dental practices specializing in orthodontics, oral surgery, and general dentistry allows us to do just that. We are focused on education, prevention, and gentle, conservative dental care. With over 48 years of combined experience, our pediatric dentists intelligently plan dental care to keep children safe, and parents worry-free!

We believe in and provide conservative, holistic, preventive dental care instead of invasive procedures such as sedation and general anesthesia. Often, our office is a 'second opinion' destination when patients and their parents disagree, don't understand, or are uncomfortable with their current dentist's diagnosis or treatment approach. We welcome second-opinion consults and are in a position to offer expert advice and guidance for comprehensive dental care. In many instances, a child who was advised dental care under sedation is successfully treated in our office without the use of such invasive and expensive procedures.

For children with craniofacial differences such as cleft lip and cleft palate, the Craniofacial Program at Inova Children's Hospital provides comprehensive, family-centered care. Dr. Banaji volunteers his expertise on the team and works closely with the team of medical specialists consisting of prenatal counselors, medical genetics, craniofacial/plastic surgery, neurosurgery, oral maxillofacial surgery, otolaryngology, orthodontics, audiology, speech & language therapy, and pediatric psychology.

As a last resort, if a child does need dental care under sedation in a  hospital or surgery center, we work with dentist colleagues outside of our office. At this time, our pediatric dentists themselves do not go to the hospital or surgery center to provide this service.

The process of receiving care under sedation involves several steps and generally takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete from the time of referral. At our office, we will carefully evaluate the child, obtain x-rays and images whenever possible, and create a preliminary treatment plan. After completion of treatment under sedation, the child returns to our office for the continuation of high-level preventive services.